About Us


We at AutoMatter.io are builders and strive to build the best products out there to help humans ease their pain points so they have more time to spend on themselves. We believe in a world without hate and carbon footprint zero. We strive to do no evil.


In the beginning, we wanted to optimize the calling experience so we built a robot that calls and talks to people. Pretty soon people asked us to build them robots and build ways to defend against them. We won on May 2016 at AngelHack Austin hackathon. In August 2016, we formally opened our company and entered the Global HACKcelerator competition. Out of 1065 teams, we took first place. Recently, we just got accepted into the Acceleprise.vc program in San Francisco. We will be back shortly to Austin, Texas.


Our team consist of seasoned veterans. We are all builders and doers. We do what must be done and make the impossible possible. We work hard and then work harder. We are happy when you are happy. Then, we win and then win some more.

Will Tran
Chief Executive
worked at Twilio, IKEA, Bandpage, and Sparefoot. Loves to race drones. Researching crypto, self-sustainable recycling, rocket propulusion systems, and power generation.
Richard Thai
Chief Data
handled data from thousands of machines at Sclumberger. Ultimate bicyclist and heavy-weight lifter. The Macgyver of data.
Harry Ha
Chief Operations
the maestro of our infrastructure. He keeps the lights on. Worked at Avanade and Slalom Consulting.
Christy Leung
Chief Designer
makes us look good. Worked at Leaf Medium, General Assembly, Wells Fargo, and Help.com.
Vivian Chien
Chief Financer
counts the money and gives us excellent tax advice. Worked at KPMG.